Thank you for your wonderful support of the 2017 fair! We look forward to seeing you all next year!
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Fair Board and Staff

Board of Directors

President Benjamin A. Hollis
Vice-President Christopher J. Schirding
Secretary Ronald P. Cooley
Treasurer Julie A. Wankel
Director J. Thomas Ostermeier
Director Edwin L. Ruppel
Director Mark A. Stewart
Director Roger D. Reimer
Director Jeffrey L. Sampson
Director Windell R. Milner
Director Kathleen E. Ruppel
Director Gordon R. Watkins
Director Randall C. Gum
Director Patricia L. Power
Director Shirley A. McCombs
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Office Manager Jaime L. Bock
Finance Manager Jacqueline M. Hines
Grounds Superintendent William F. Fitschen
Asst. Grounds Superintendent James "Cecil" Oller

Menard County Fair, Inc.
P.O. Box 375
18450 Fairgrounds Street
Petersburg, IL 62675

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